Essential DIY Tips for Home Comfort and Maintenance

Keeping Your Home Cool and Plumbing Smooth

At Advantage Service Co, we understand the importance of a well-functioning home. While we’re always here to help with professional services, there are several DIY tips you can use to maintain your home’s comfort and efficiency. Here are some essential tips for AC maintenance and plumbing care:

Air Conditioning Tips

1. Regular Filter Changes: One of the simplest yet most effective ways to maintain your AC is to change the filter regularly. A clean filter ensures better air quality and improved system efficiency.

2. Clear the Outdoor Unit: Keep the area around your outdoor AC unit free from debris, leaves, and overgrown vegetation. This allows for proper airflow and prevents strain on the system.

3. Clean the Condenser Coils: Gently clean the condenser coils with a soft brush or vacuum to remove dirt and dust. This helps maintain optimal heat transfer.

4. Check Thermostat Settings: Ensure your thermostat is set correctly and consider upgrading to a programmable model for better energy efficiency.

5. Inspect Ductwork: Look for any visible leaks or disconnections in your ductwork. Seal small leaks with duct tape as a temporary fix until professional repair.

Plumbing Maintenance Tips

1. Address Leaky Faucets: Don’t ignore dripping faucets. They waste water and can lead to more significant issues. Often, replacing a washer or O-ring can solve the problem.

2. Prevent Clogged Drains: Use drain screens to catch hair and debris. Regularly clean these screens and avoid pouring grease down drains.

3. Know Your Main Water Valve: Familiarize yourself with the location of your main water shut-off valve. This knowledge is crucial in case of a major leak or plumbing emergency.

4. Maintain Your Water Heater: Flush your water heater annually to remove sediment buildup. This improves efficiency and extends the life of the unit.

5. Check for Hidden Leaks: Regularly inspect under sinks, around toilets, and in basement areas for signs of water damage or mold, which could indicate hidden leaks.

When to Call the Professionals

While these DIY tips can help maintain your systems, some tasks require professional expertise. Contact Advantage Service Co for:

– Annual AC tune-ups and inspections
– Complex AC repairs or refrigerant issues
– Air conditioning installation or replacement
– Major plumbing repairs or installations
– Persistent clogs or sewer line problems

Remember, attempting complex repairs without proper knowledge can lead to more expensive problems or safety hazards. Our team of experts serves Little Rock, Conway, North Little Rock, Cabot, Sherwood, and surrounding areas in Arkansas.

Energy-Saving Bonus Tips

1. Use ceiling fans in conjunction with your AC to improve air circulation and comfort.
2. Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators to reduce water consumption.
3. Consider adding insulation to your attic to improve overall home energy efficiency.
4. Schedule regular maintenance checks for both your AC and plumbing systems to catch issues early.

By following these DIY tips and knowing when to call in the professionals, you can maintain a comfortable, efficient home while potentially saving on energy costs. Advantage Service Co is always here to assist with your AC and plumbing needs, ensuring your home remains a haven of comfort throughout the year.